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1. "The Art of Creating an Elegantly Decorated Bedroom: Tips and Pointers for a Classy Upgrade

Here is a beautiful elegantly decorated bedroom and all the tips and pointers on how to design yours! Lets add a full length mirror or a vanity to your space for that classy look.

I prefer incorporating a boho look, which would be some hanging plants in some rope strung potters. Gorg!! Now as for me, Im quite glitzy glam so, I will add some feathered lamps for low lighting. maybe some gold or silver trimmed end tables beside the bed. Putting the lamps on the end tables. A bulb lighted mirror with vanity,

Maybe adding some crystal knobs to your dresser and end tables for a little upgrade.

Adding a couple faux fur rugs to the sides of the bed or in front to make it pop!

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